Cognome e Nome Perrotta Carla
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Dipartimento Scienze e tecnologie Biologiche e Ambientali
Settore Scientifico Disciplinare BIO/13
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Cognome e Nome Rampino Patrizia
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Dipartimento Scienze e tecnologie Biologiche e Ambientali
Ente di appartenenza Università del Salento
Cognome e Nome Lenucci marcello Salvatore
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Dipartimento Scienze e tecnologie Biologiche e Ambientali
Ente di appartenenza Università del Salento


Cognome e Nome DE PASCALI Mariarosaria
Qualifica Assegnista di ricerca
Dipartimento Scienze e tecnologie Biologiche e Ambientali
Ente di appartenenza Università del Salento


- Analysis of genetic and molecular basis of stress response in prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms with particular interest to abiotic stresses; analysis of structure and function of stress-related genes; study of modification of gene expression under stress conditions.

- Production of recombinant proteins in heterologous prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems.

- Molecular traceability in the food chain, production of biosensors for detection of: food contaminants, quality-related alleles, undesired microorganisms in food matrices.

- Extraction of bioactive molecules from plants or agri-food industrial byproducts through conventional and supercritical fluid techniques.

- Biochemical characterization of the extracts and their stabilization through inclusion in nano- or micro-carriers.

- Formulation of novel fortified/functional foods, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals.  


Transcriptome profiling analysis

Recombinant protein production

Gene cloning and expression analysis

Molecular tools for food characterization and analysis

Supercritical fluid extraction

Biochemical tools for characterization and analysis of plant materials, extracts, and foods


Denominazione Struttura ove la strumentazione è allocata Responsabile della strumentazione
Real Time PCR (Applied Biosystem Mod.7500) DiSTeBA P. Rampino
Workstation Biomek 3000 (Beckman Coulter) DiSTeBA P. Rampino
Confocal microscope Zeiss LSM 710 DiSTeBA C. Perrotta
SEM microscope ZEISS EVO HD 15 DiSTeBA C. Perrotta
Spe-ed SFE-2 Applied Separations DiSTeBA M.S. Lenucci
HPLC-UV/Vis HPAEC-PAD Dionex DiSTeBA M.S. Lenucci


Cimaglia F, Tristezza M, Saccomanno A, Rampino P, Perrotta C, Capozzi V, Spano G, Chiesa M, Mita G, Grieco F. An innovative oligonucleotide microarray to detect spoilage microorganisms in wine. Food Control. 2018, 87: 169-179

Galati C, Manera MG, Colombelli A, De Pascali M, Rampino P, Perrotta C, Rella R. Opto-plasmonic biosensors for monitoring wheat end-products quality. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering. 2018, 431: 194-199

Bruno A, Durante M, Marrese PP, Migoni D, Laus MN, Pace E, Pastore D,  Mita G, Piro G, Lenucci MS. Shades of red: comparative study on supercritical CO2 extraction of lycopene-rich oleoresins from gac, tomato and watermelon fruits and effect of the a-cyclodextrin clathrated extracts on cultured lung adenocarcinoma cells' viability, Journal of Food Composition and Analysis. 2018, 65: 23-32

Rampino P, De Pascali M, De Caroli M, Luvisi A, De Bellis L, Piro G, Perrotta C. Td4IN2: A drought-responsive durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) gene coding for a resistance like protein with serine/threonine protein kinase, nucleotide binding site and leucine rich domains. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 2017, 120: 223-231

Durante M, Montefusco A, Marrese PP, Soccio M, Pastore D, Piro G, Mita G, Lenucci MS. Seeds of pomegranate, tomato and grapes: An underestimated source of natural bioactive molecules and antioxidants from agri-food by-products. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 2017, 63: 65-72

Iurlaro A, De Caroli M, Sabella E, De Pascali M, Rampino P, De Bellis L, Perrotta C, Dalessandro G, Piro G, Fry SC., Lenucci MS. Drought and heat differentially affect XTH expression and XET activity and action in 3-day-old seedlings of durum wheat cultivars with different stress susceptibility. Frontiers in Plant Science, 2016, 7: 1-18

Pasqualone A, Gambacorta G, Summo C, Caponio F, Di Miceli G, Flagella Z, Marrese PP, Piro G, Perrotta C, De Bellis L, Lenucci MS. Functional, textural and sensory properties of dry pasta supplemented with lyophilized tomato matrix or with durum wheat bran extracts produced by supercritical carbon dioxide or ultrasound. Food Chemistry. 2016, 213: 545-553

Lenucci MS, De Caroli M, Marrese PP, Iurlaro A, Rescio L, Böhm V, Dalessandro G, Piro G. Enzyme-aided extraction of lycopene from high-pigment tomato cultivars by supercritical carbon dioxide. Food Chemistry. 2015, 170: 193-202

Tufariello M, Chiriatti MA, Grieco F, Perrotta C, Capone S, Rampino P, Tristezza M, Mita G, Grieco F. Influence of autochthonous Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains on volatile profile of Negroamaro wines. LWT-Food Science and Technology, 2014, 58: 35-48

Bleve G, Lezzi C, Spagnolo S, Rampino P, Perrotta C, Mita G, Grieco F. Construction of a laccase chimerical gene: Recombinant protein characterization and gene expression via yeast surface display. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 2014, 172: 2916-2931


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